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  • At this time, patients are limited to having ONE family member or friend accompany them during appointments/procedures. We are working together with our hospital healthcare partners, ThedaCare and Ascension, and following guidelines from the CDC, Wisconsin Department of Health and Human Services and the American College of Surgeons regarding patient care during this ever-changing time. Our number one priority is to keep you, your loved ones and our community healthy.

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Vascular / Endovascular Surgery

Skilled Vascular Care Including Varicose Vein Treatments

Fox Valley Surgical Associates has a team of physicians who specialize in vascular/endovascular surgery. Focusing on the most individualized surgical care by patient, our surgeons are trained in the most advanced techniques for everything from aortic aneurysm repair to varicose vein treatments and surgeries.

Advanced Treatments Offered at FVSA

TCAR Procedure

FVSA is excited to announce that Dr. Alexander Tretinyak is one of the first providers in the area to perform the TCAR (TransCarotid Artery Revascularization) procedure for the treatment of carotid artery disease. This minimally invasive procedure helps reduce the chance of stroke by removing plaque build-up from the two main arteries in the neck that supply blood to the brain. It temporarily reverses blood flow during the procedure so any small pieces of plaque that may break off are diverted away from the brain. Compared to other treatments for carotid artery disease, TCAR involves just a small incision, has fewer complications and leads to faster patient recovery times. Check out more details in a helpful FAQ or read the full description

VenaSeal™ Treatment

Dr. Tretinyak also performs the VenaSeal™ treatment. This is the first – and currently the only – treatment approved in the U.S. that safely and effectively closes diseased vein segments. Instead of traditional procedures that heat or strip the vein, VenaSeal is an adhesive system that closes it, re-routing blood through healthy veins nearby. With VenaSeal, patients don’t require multiple injections of a local anesthetic, the risk of burning or nerve injury from thermal-based procedures is eliminated and patients are able to return to normal activities much sooner.

Vascular / Endovascular Surgery Treatments

Note: the vascular treatments with links below will take you to more detailed descriptions on the Society for Vascular Surgery’s (SVS) website at

Vascular/Endovascular Surgeons