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Fun Facts for Our 50th

FVSA Celebrates Five Decades of Surgical Care

Celebrating a big milestone in 2020, Fox Valley Surgical Associates (FVSA) has now been serving our Northeast Wisconsin community with multi-specialty surgical care for 50 years! We thought it would be fun to share our journey and highlight some of the history behind our surgical practice as well as how things have evolved over the years and where they’re headed. We’ll be adding a fun fact or memory to this page weekly – follow along below to learn more about FVSA!  

Check out this video to see where the first five decades have taken us, and read about FVSA’s history here.

FVSA Firsts in the Last 50
Posted November 13, 2020
The physicians at FVSA have a history of many firsts, thanks in great part to the fact that several have received fellowship training – the highest level of education in a certain specialty. Dr. Robert Ballard, with FVSA since 2001 and a double fellowship recipient, was one of the first providers in Wisconsin to perform abdominal aortic aneurysm repair using minimally invasive techniques and x-ray support. Cutting-edge at the time, the technique has come a long way since then, and FVSA continues to remain at the forefront of vascular care!

FVSA Fun Facts: Our Roots
Posted November 9, 2020
The first specialty trained surgeon in the Fox Valley, Dr. Bill Chandler co-founded FVSA with Dr. Gilbert Mueller in 1970. Dr. Chandler saw a need for more surgical expertise in the community after graduating from Marquette University and eventually merged practices with Dr. Mueller to introduce FVSA. The two were integral in shaping the future of FVSA and their legacy in leadership continues today!

FVSA Fun Facts: Our 50th Anniversary
Posted October 30, 2020
In honor of our 50th anniversary, we’ll be sharing some fun facts about FVSA. To start, we have several providers who’ve been part of the FVSA family for a long time. That list includes Dr. Thomas Winek, a fellowship trained surgeon, at 31 years! Like Dr. Winek, once physicians join, they spend their careers with FVSA instead of practicing elsewhere (other than one, who wanted to trade cold Wisconsin winters for warm California ones!). Since 1970, our physicians have consistently been committed to ensuring the best surgical care is offered right here in the community.

It’s Our Birthday!
Posted October 23, 2020
FVSA is turning 50 this month! In celebrating this major milestone, we’ll be sharing some highlights from the past and plans for what’s to come. For now, we want to thank all of our supporters – from patients and staff to fellow providers – for helping us get here. We’ve been proud to call the Fox Valley home for the last five decades!